Dana Dental is the best dental practice in chch I believe!

I’ve just finished having 4 fillings by Dana, I've had 6 all up(as i had’nt been to the dentist for years) and I want people to know what a great experience I had

I was soooo scared to go but once i got there and met dana she was so lovely. Dana made me feel very comfortable and assured me that I was in good hands, and most importantly didn't make me feel embarrased about the state of my teeth

Dana is great to talk to and she genuinely loves her job and takes a lot of pride in making everyone have the best smile they possibly can!! I have spoken to alot of friends about their experiences at the dentist and mine has been the only story that was positive! so i have now given them her details so they can get the friendly, comfortable service I had.

And from that i knew i had to post something on this site so other people can be aware of where to get the best comfortable, friendly dental service in chch! and at a good price too!! 100% recommend this dentist to all!!!!!!….. :-)

Thanks heaps Dana!! your a lovely person and a superb dentist!. :-)

Rebecca Murray

Best dentist experience ever!!!!

Alison Price

Very good service. DANA IS A GREAT DENTIST!!!!

Cosmin Susa

I hated dentists all my life but since I met Dana 8 years ago it is a pleasure for me to travel from the other side of town to see her, knowing that she is always able to fix my teeth

M.G, 96 years old

Such a great person and a good professional

Dan Susa

I had a filling a few weeks ago and I was impressed withthe friendly nature of the visit and dental work. I was surprised with your lovely nature, smile and level of excellence

Mitch Shaw